Quality policy


In order to improve the business and quality of its services, and harmonize business with internationally recognized standards, the company "Kopaonik" a.d. In December 2016, Belgrade was certified in accordance with the requirements of the standard ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2005, and in September 2019 they made the transition to the quality management system ISO 9001 2015, the environmental management system and ISO 14001 2015 and the certification of the management system health and safety at work OHSAS 18001 2008.
The company has thus confirmed its readiness to provide services consistently, with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction and care for employees.

Kopaonik a.d. In 2017, Belgrade was the holder of the "Excellent SME Serbia" Certificate, which is awarded by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce on the basis of the credit report of the recognized credit rating company COFACE. For business partners, this Certificate is another confirmation of good creditworthiness of the company, greater business security and higher credibility.

In 2017, the company was the holder of a certificate confirming that it is one of the ten companies with the best creditworthiness in Serbia. The certificate is awarded by Companywall Business from London, based on a detailed business analysis. This is another sign and guarantee of good and stable business, which gives Kopaonik credibility in the market and justifies the trust of business associates and clients.

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