Large selection of sanitary ware and bathroom furniture

In order for your bathroom to shine in full splendor, you need to have the most modern sanitary ware. In our warehouses you can find a large number of models, functionality and modern design with unquestionable quality for everyone the bathroom.

In the offer of sanitary ceramics, we have at our disposal all types of toilets, sinks, faucets, bidets, built-in cisterns, urinals, washbasins, and bathroom accessories from renowned domestic and foreign manufacturers.

And in order to complete the bathroom as a whole and have enough space for all the necessary things, bathroom furniture is necessary. Bathroom furniture consists of console panels, bathroom cabinets, cabinets with or without mirrors, cabinets with built-in or surface-mounted washbasin, sink tables, upright closets and shelves. Bathroom equipment such as cabinets with a sink are usually sold as a set because the cabinet and the sink are part of the same collection.

Bathroom furniture should be chosen so that it fits in with other elements in the bathroom, such as sanitary ware, tiles, accessories. In our offer we have several series that differ in the selected materials used from plywood or MDF.

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