Wood products

Large selection of wood products

Timber Branch covers two different product groups

Timber I

consisting of all types of sawn timber and its direct products:
- planks, beams, joists, battens, fossils
- joinery (doors, windows, door leaves)
- skirting boards, floor moldings, decking, paneling , semicircles
- formwork (blažujka: beech, Russian birch, poplar, yellow formwork - pine)

Timber II

includes board materials:
- refined plywood Egger, Falco, Krono ... suitable for construction and production of furniture and interior design,
- raw plywood, HDF, MDF, plywood, eco boards, usable in all domains from industry to furniture making

- cladding (slate, Russian birch, yellow cladding)

- Oriented Strand Board - OSB by Kronoswiss, of all thicknesses

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